Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mismatched Chevron

Hello, hello!
I have been extremly lazy today.. surprise, surprise!
Saturday's do that to me! :p
Am I still in sweats? Umm.. yes!
Have I wasted my day watching youtube videos and scanning nail art pictures? Absolutely!
Have I completed a manicure? Sure did! :)
So let's get right to it!
I've been wanting to do chevron nails for awhile now and just never got around to it.
So finally, I drew some inspiration from fashion and went with it.
I found a picture on weheartit of a girl in a chevron top with hot pink shorts!
I will include a picture below because it's pretty lovely.
I incorporated my favorite thing ever... glitter!
Flowers, hot pink, and of course chevron! Because that's what this mani is all about.
Colors used: Fancy Fingers Screamin Fuschia, OPI Teenage Dream, NYC Black Lace Creme
a no named white OPI polish and a Milani precision polish in White Canvas..
OPI Teenage Dream is my favorite glitter of all time! Just look at it! :D

Where my inspiration came from:
Thanks for reading!
I have some special Halloween posts coming up next week!
Have a lovely day!
C'est fini!