Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Members

I know, I know...
it's been over a month since I've posted anything.
I've honestly just been getting my grown up life together.
I recently graduated from college so I was on the hunt for a big girl job.
Lucky for me, I landed an amazing job and I couldn't be happier!
But really, I have no excuse. I was lazy. Didn't post.
Don't worry! I didn't forget about ya'll.
Nail art is a huge passion of mine and it is very soothing to me.
That being said, I will never stop doing my own nails... Ever.
So.. I would like to come back with two new members of my little nail polish family!
I found these beautiful Zoya nail polishes at Ulta.
Honestly.. I can't believe I don't own more Zoya! They are SUPERB!
Anyway.. the colors I bought are Avery and Edyta.
They are so gorgeous and perfect fall (my favorite season) colors.
(actually, Rachel Zoe used Zoya Avery in her fall 2012 runway show!)
Avery is a cool, neutral beige that is creamy and very opaque!
 It's the perfect nude nail polish if you are on the hunt for a nude shade!
The second color, Edyta is indescribable!
That being said.. I will just give you the website's ( description!
 "A complex mixture of gold, olive, blue-green and smoky grey with a sparkling metallic finish.
A dark shade balanced with sparkle for a dramatic look"
Perhaps now you see why it would be impossible for me to describe! :D
It is simply amazing!

(I don't have swatches because my next few posts will feature the colors! Stay tuned!)

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