Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hey guys!
Today I wanted to try what I called in my last post a "funky blue design".
Well, let's be honest... it didn't turn out they way I had imagined it.
I'm sure this dilemma has happened to all nail artists.
I was going for a futuristic design so I suppose I succeeded.
I used Essie: Mezmerised as a base color.
OPI: Gargantuan Green Grape for the bottom half of the design.
And Pure Ice: Silver Mercedes for the top half.
Then I topped that with Love My Nails: Milky Way.
I also, of course, am spending the evening catching up on my DVR'd Ellen Shows!
I can't even express how much I admire and respect Ellen!
I honestly believe she is one of the most inspiring women.
On top of that... she's HILARIOUS!

Plus.. she's the best dancer EVER! :p
And.. she shaves ugg boots into her dog. Sooo funny!

Okay, I hope the dog photo made you giggle as much as it did me.
So have a fantastic day!
As Ellen would say... "Be kind to one another"
Thanks for reading!
Coming up next: Jelly Sandwich
C'est fini!

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