Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey guys! I recently wanted to paint my nails something classic, but not boring.
So I thought.. what is more classic than a french manicure?
A plain french manicure looks really nice in my opinion but can be so plain looking.
There are a ton of ways to spice up a french manicure!
You can do neon tips.
Double striped tips.
Lace tips.
Zig-zag tips.
Or in my case.. Glitter! :)
Glitter is perhaps my favorite thing to wear on my nails. It's so fun to look at!
So, I used OPI Bubble Bath for the base, and OPI basic white for the tips and then I dipped them in a silver holographic glitter. I then mixed some of the holographic glitter into an old clear top coat and painted my nails with it to get a little bit of glitter all over the nail.
I really love the way it turned out!
Do you? :)



  1. hello!!! I found your blog from a forum! cute nails!!! I JUST started one a few days also! please follow me!

  2. Lovely. I always love a french manicure and this one is very pretty :)