Friday, February 17, 2012

Hot Pink Racing

Hey hey! I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!
I just did my nails using Julep Meryl because I could't wait to try out this beatiful grey!
I also used a polish called Screamin' Fuschia by Funky Finger (can't remember where its from!)
for the hot pink racing stripe! I almost didn't add anything to the grey because it looked so chic alone so that's why
I didn't go overboard. I just did something very simple with it so I could still enjoy the grey for the most part.
Now I want to say just how much I liked the Julep polish! It was opaque with just one coat, but I used two just to
darken the color a bit. I think this is my first actual creme color and I struggle a bit with getting it on my nails smoothy, but I managed and I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I want more! :)
Okay, okay... here's my nails:

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